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Space Saving Motorised Treadmill 0.6-6.2MPH Walking Machine with LCD Display

  • With the remote control, the treadmill allows you to adjust the speed from 0.6-6.2MPH to manipulate workout intensity.
  • Monitor the running time, distance traveled, calories burned with the LCD so you can see your progress and set goals during your workout.
  • The treadmill measures at 48 inch x 19 inch x 5.5 inch, and the max. weight capacity is up to 242lbs.

Note: Treadmill and Mat will be sent separately in different packages.

Treadmill Type
Treadmill Mat

    Work and exercise At the same time

    A smooth and ultra-quiet 2.5HP motor and durable steel frame constitute the noise reduction & shock absorption system of the treadmill, which will make you run quiet and comfortable! The treadmill arrives fully assembled and can be used directly after unboxing!

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    Why You Choose Our Treadmill?

    Multi-Speed & LCD Screen

    If you like to run but want a softer landing on your feet than the street outside, this treadmill is the perfect, at-home solution. You could easily read data like Time, Speed, Calories Burned, and Distance.




    Walking & Running model, meet multiple needs

    With speeds ranging from 0.6-6.2MPH, the treadmill allows you to adjust the speed by remote control according to your physical condition and your exercise needs.

    With a non-slip and shock-absorbing running belt, the treadmill will effectively reduce the impact while running, therefore protecting your knees.

    NOTE: Please do not put the treadmill on the thick or plush carpet/mat, or else it will affect the heat dissipation of the treadmill.

    Portable & Compact

    Created for home and office use. The treadmill features a compact and ultra-thin design that saves space. Put the treadmill under your standing desk, providing you with the best office fitness while you work. Since it only weighs 49lbs, which is substantially more portable than most office exercise equipment.



    • LCD display: Time, Speed, Calories burned and Distance
    • Control Method: Controller


    • Walking Speed: 0.6-6.2MPH
    • Peak Horsepower: 2.5hp
    • Weight Capacity: 242lbs


    • Weight: 49lbs
    • Measures at 48inch x 19inch x 5.5inch
    • Installation-free 
  • Specifications

    Product Name Treadmill
    Color Grey, Pink, Black
    Display Type LCD
    Material ABS
    Weight 49lbs (22kg)
    Maximum Weight Capacity 242lbs (110kg)
    Speed 0.6-6.2MPH (Adjustable)
    Control Method Controller
    Running Surface 15" x 40" (39cm x 102cm)
    Product Dimension 48" x 19" x 5.5" (122 cm x 49 cm x 14 cm)
    Peak Horsepower 2.5hp
    Seasons Continuity
    Usage Walking; Running
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Is this only for walking? Or can I run on it too?
    You can do both
    How quiet is this?
    It is reasonably quiet. You can hold a telephone conversation while using it and it is not heard through the headset by your caller.
    Is this device powered by a battery or wall plug?
    It is plugged in to the wall.
    Can the treadmill be used on carpet?
    The carpet will affect the heat dissipation of the treadmill, please do not put the treadmill on the carpet/mat.
    How to Solve the Problem that Running Belt Become Loose?

    All treadmills have adjusted the running belt's tension before they leave the factory, but it is inevitable that the running belt will be loose during transportation. Please follow the steps:

    • Step 1: Run the treadmill at 10.0 for a short time with no one on it. If it is still not work, go ahead with step 2.
    • Step 2: Adjust the bolt of running belt synchronously from left to right in a clockwise direction with half-turn as the unit. Adjust both sides of the running belt to a normal degree of tightness. During the adjustment, you can clearly perceive the tightness of the running belt.
    • Step 3: Please note that the treadmill must be placed on flat ground, ensure that the treadmill feet and wheels are on the ground. If the wheel does not touch the ground, please adjust the height of the wheel.
    • Step 4: After you adjust the belt, please let the treadmill run for 10 minutes without anyone stepping on it. If it runs normally, it means that the adjustment has been successful.
    Does this come with a handle for balance?
    No. But you can use it under standing desk; at higher speeds you can rest one hand on the table for balance.
    How big is the running surface area?
    It is about 15" x 40" (39cm x 102cm).

Customer Reviews

Based on 124 reviews
Damaris A.

Treadmill is great. Just got the mat later. The delivery guy dropped it at my back garden without leaving any note.

Ally G.

The belt has a strange imprint going across it. Customer service said it's the welding place and would not affect normal use. They did partially refund me.

Louisa W.

When I was on the walking pad it made an incredibly loud noise, also the belt was set to the far left. Clearly a defective product. I asked for a full refund.


Excellent fast service and product
Would highly recommend


Excellent product but not clear delivery information.